Pink watermelon paper plates

Cut plate in half. String one end into the first hole, tie a knot, and have children lace up their paper plate craft into a pouch. Brush some glue on the body and stick the small colourful squares onto it.

Lisette Lisette is a former preschool teacher turned work-at-home daycare provider and mom. Avoid all of the arguments you can. I instead added a little blue raspberry concentrate to the mixture and it gives it a purplish color without affecting the taste. Knot the other end of the string.

First, I cut out the snake shapes from paper plates. A small jar will last you a long time. Use your choice of ribbon to turn your summer craft into necklaces or waist pouches. Combine a pipe cleaner with tissue paper to create the butterfly.

If you prefer you can have the kids color them with a marker but the paint stands out a bit more. We did our brush strokes slowly from the inside out on each of the dips around the outside of the plate. But we didn't mind too much. For a necklace, use a narrow piece of ribbon, about 18" long, and tie the 2 ends to the 2 corner holes of the plate.

Pink Birthday Paper Plates

Start off by painting the paper plates, one each red, orange, olive green, green and yellow. Colour the cup with brown paint.

This Watermelon Party is Juicy & Delicious

Glue a popsicle stick onto the back of the flat edge of the plate and allow it to dry. Vintage Swimmer Mask pinkstripeysocks. Cut by following the dotted lines. Paper plate crowns are done. Fold the green circle in half and cut an oval from the center at the fold.

This is a fun summer project to do with your little ones, and an awesome way to spend some bonding time together on those long summer afternoons. The kids and even adults loved it. It can actually be split up into 2 or 3 days, as you watch your children develop their fine motor skills, counting skills, lacing, and even teach them to spell their name.

You can even use these as goody bags; prepare some treats in regular sandwich bags beforehand, and insert them into the watermelon craft before the kids leave the party. It was a complete hit.

Using a plate at each bottom of the tube will give a good balance. Hang it on the wall.

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Knot a string on the top of the cup if you want to hang it on the ceiling. Create a watermelon theme. Then, we drew "secret designs" with white crayon.

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Sep 05,  · The Merry Unbirthday Watermelon Fairies teach you how to make Paper Plater Watermelon Crafts, both Wedge & Full size. The Merry Unbirthday Parties themerryunbirthday.

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Any idea when the watermelon plates will be back in stock? Would love these for my daughter’s 2nd b-day party! Paige.

How to Make Free Printable Watermelon Placemats for Your Next Party

July 21, am. I love those watermelon plates!

Watermelon Whimsy Party Supplies

Paige. And this simple watermelon paper plate craft is no exception! Watermelon Paper Plate Craft. white paper plate; pink and green paint (crayons would work too) black pom poms, buttons, etc; Once the paint is dry decide if you want a whole watermelon, a slice or a watermelon triangle.

We went for slices so cut the paper plate in half. Use these 9-inch paper plates for all the grilled meats and veggies at your summer picnic party. Be sure to stack slices of juicy watermelon on them for a watermelon-eating contest. You can even create cute place settings around the picnic table with watermelon tableware.5/5(3).

Print our watermelon template out and assemble the pieces to create your own paper watermelon craft. This simple paper craft is fun for even young children. We used painted sunflower seeds for the watermelon seeds to complete the craft, but you could also use your child's fingerprints or even just dots made with a black marker.

Pink watermelon paper plates
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